Forms to Download

Students, please follow these steps as soon as possible to reserve your place on our trip (starting on Thursday, January 19th):

1. Print out all letters and forms below.
2. Go over each form with your parents and fill in ALL required information.
3. Ensure you have all forms and letters that require a signature WITH a cheque for       $200.00, made payable to Ruth Thompson Middle School.  (Please include your        child's full name and class number in the memo section).
4. Print off the "Checklist for Mansfield Forms" and double check with your parents       that you have included everything needed.
5. Bring your checklist, all forms and your cheque to Ms. Collias room 151 during Thompson Time 8:30 - 8:50 Thursday January 19th.

                All money and forms are due by Friday January 27th, 2017

NOTE: Only the first 85 students will be guaranteed a spot

6. Listen to announcements for meetings and other important information.


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